Are you into fault finding or fact finding ?

We are so much accustomed to find a fault that we forget to see the facts,  

“once there was a nice, benevolent King who always cared for his people like his own children. He was also famous for giving charity to Brahmanas, he  fed them food everyday noon. Once it’s so happened that when his servants were carrying big pots of food to the place where Brahmanas were sitting, one eagle was flying over their heads, carrying snake into it’s teeth who was on the verge of dying, snake out of fear vomited poison and that dropped incidentally into one of the pot. When this particular poisoned food was served to Brahmanas those who eat that were died on the spot. Now other Brahmanas started investigating who is real culprit, King? his servants? eagle or snake? Or God? but no one could understand, even yamadutas were confused whom to be held responsible for such heinous act of killing few Brahmanas. Yamraj said,”don’t worry, just wait and watch, you will soon find who is real culprit…”. Many days passed, once 2 ladies were passing from that kingdom, they saw the King is serving food to the Brahmanas, they also desired to have food but suddenly one of them said,”hey, wait!! we can’t eat food from the hands of this King, who is known for killing noble Brahmanas”…immediately Yamraj sent his dutas to bring this lady to him as a real culprit. The lesson we learn here is that fault finder is real culprit and sinner.

Actually it has become our nature to see only the faults although ocean of good qualities lying in person, some of us take so much pleasure in fault finding as if reward is awaiting for us. Sometimes it’s so happens that although faults are absent in person we make them present by our habit. Most of the times because of not knowing the facts we just judge on the external behaviour of person. 
One of the leading aachrya Srila Sarswati Thakur says,”the cause is one’s own heart being honeycombed by the very same faults which we find in others!”. Best way to deal will this bad practice is trying to see good in others and finding faults with ourselves, as Jesus says,”Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?”. God has not made us bad, He has given everyone of us some good, special and distinguishable qualities. To find a fault is very easy but to find remedy is a bit difficult job. 
Lord Krishna in Gita(16.1-3)enlists the qualities of godly souls, He mentions there about ‘aversion to fault finding’ as one of the quality. In fact Lord’s one of the name is Adosh-darsi(one who doesn’t see the faults). The God who has created us, who knows everything about us, who always watches over us, He neglects to see faults within us although plenty of them present within the heart…then who are we insignificant souls to judge his children? As bible says,”Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven”. So let’s become dear to lord by developing quality of fact finder and not fault finder!!!    🙂

When she broke down 💔 (part 2)

Hope atleast someone have gone through “when she broke down’s part 1″ and if you feel connected to that than lets move to the part 2”

Madhav wasn’t taking her girl seriously. He was so flirty , for him every girl was same he never loved anyone but had been in relationship with many. All her friends warned khushi about madhav’s nature But khushi was in her own fairytale world with madhav without knowing that he wasn’t her prince charming. Sooner she started knowing that her fairytale dreams are just dreams there is nothing like fairytale and true love. Prince charmings are just in books and dreams not in real lives. As we all know there are somedays in life which have no mercy on us those unforgotable black days and nights are part of everone’s life. And khushi was also going through this .That dreamer girl inside her was dead . She stopped believing in dreams.she forgot all her goals ,aims and most importantly she forgot how to smile .Madhav got engaged with someone else without informing khushi . She came to know this from others. She could’t believe that some one can be so heartless .she tried calling and texting him but no response she got. With the help of her friends she met him . Her eyes were asking thousands of questions but could’t speak and started crying badly. As madhav was so ignorent he didn’t cared much and gave her his marriage’s invitation card. He was getting married with one of their mutual friend. She had no words to say standing and looking in his eyes where she saw nothing for herself . It was raining a lot. Madhav left but she was still standing their crying and holding that invitation card. She was screaming inside. Its like madhav took her soul with him and just a body standing their all alone on the road crying in such heavy rain . 

Even the god was crying .

When she broke down 💔 (part-1)

She was a dreamer. She was full of life. Spreading happiness everywhere was like her hobby just like her name “khushi” She was the one who can make smile anyone. Her eyes were like the brightest star, and that magical smile was like a cure to every broken heart around her . 

But life is never easy it affects all . Falling in love wasn’t in her plans but she did . She had no idea where this life is taking her . She was so happy to be in love with him (Madhav)  Soon he became her smile her life and everything . She was so damn in love with him. The guy who never took relationships seriously now has became her reason to live .